Instance Method


Returns an array of URLs that identify the mounted volumes available on the device.


func mountedVolumeURLs(includingResourceValuesForKeys propertyKeys: [URLResourceKey]?, options: FileManager.VolumeEnumerationOptions = []) -> [URL]?



An array of keys that identify the file properties that you want pre-fetched for each volume. For each returned URL, the values for these keys are cached in the corresponding NSURL objects. You may specify nil for this parameter. For a list of keys you can specify, see Common File System Resource Keys.


Option flags for the enumeration. For a list of possible values, see FileManager.VolumeEnumerationOptions.

Return Value

An array of NSURL objects identifying the mounted volumes.


This call may block if I/O is required to determine values for the requested propertyKeys.

See Also

Discovering Directory Contents

func contentsOfDirectory(at: URL, includingPropertiesForKeys: [URLResourceKey]?, options: FileManager.DirectoryEnumerationOptions) -> [URL]

Performs a shallow search of the specified directory and returns URLs for the contained items.

func contentsOfDirectory(atPath: String) -> [String]

Performs a shallow search of the specified directory and returns the paths of any contained items.

func enumerator(atPath: String) -> FileManager.DirectoryEnumerator?

Returns a directory enumerator object that can be used to perform a deep enumeration of the directory at the specified path.

class FileManager.DirectoryEnumerator

An object that enumerates the contents of a directory.

func subpathsOfDirectory(atPath: String) -> [String]

Performs a deep enumeration of the specified directory and returns the paths of all of the contained subdirectories.

func subpaths(atPath: String) -> [String]?

Returns an array of strings identifying the paths for all items in the specified directory.