Instance Method


Returns a dictionary that describes the attributes of the mounted file system on which a given path resides.


func attributesOfFileSystem(forPath path: String) throws -> [FileAttributeKey : Any]



Any pathname within the mounted file system.

Return Value

A dictionary object that describes the attributes of the mounted file system on which path resides. See File-System Attribute Keys for a description of the keys available in the dictionary.


This method does not traverse a terminal symbolic link.

See Also

Getting and Setting Attributes

func componentsToDisplay(forPath: String) -> [String]?

Returns an array of strings representing the user-visible components of a given path.

func displayName(atPath: String) -> String

Returns the display name of the file or directory at a specified path.

func attributesOfItem(atPath: String) -> [FileAttributeKey : Any]

Returns the attributes of the item at a given path.

func setAttributes([FileAttributeKey : Any], ofItemAtPath: String)

Sets the attributes of the specified file or directory.

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