Instance Method


Moves the file or directory at the specified path to a new location synchronously.


func moveItem(atPath srcPath: String, toPath dstPath: String) throws



The path to the file or directory you want to move. This parameter must not be nil.


The new path for the item in srcPath. This path must include the name of the file or directory in its new location. This parameter must not be nil.

Return Value

true if the item was moved successfully or the file manager’s delegate stopped the operation deliberately. Returns false if an error occurred.


When moving items, the current process must have permission to read the item at srcPath and write the parent directory of dstPath. If the item at srcPath is a directory, this method moves the directory and all of its contents, including any hidden files. If an item with the same name already exists at dstPath, this method stops the move attempt and returns an appropriate error. If the last component of srcPath is a symbolic link, only the link is moved to the new path; the item pointed to by the link remains at its current location.

Prior to moving the item, the file manager asks its delegate if it should actually move it. It does this by calling the fileManager(_:shouldMoveItemAt:to:) method; if that method is not implemented it calls the fileManager(_:shouldMoveItemAtPath:toPath:) method instead. If the item being moved is a directory, the file manager notifies the delegate only for the directory itself and not for any of its contents. If the delegate method returns true, or if the delegate does not implement the appropriate methods, the file manager moves the file. If there is an error moving one out of several items, the file manager may also call the delegate’s fileManager(_:shouldProceedAfterError:movingItemAt:to:) or fileManager(_:shouldProceedAfterError:movingItemAtPath:toPath:) method to determine how to proceed.

If the source and destination of the move operation are not on the same volume, this method copies the item first and then removes it from its current location. This behavior may trigger additional delegate notifications related to copying and removing individual items.

See Also

Moving and Copying Items

func copyItem(at: URL, to: URL)

Copies the file at the specified URL to a new location synchronously.

func copyItem(atPath: String, toPath: String)

Copies the item at the specified path to a new location synchronously.

func moveItem(at: URL, to: URL)

Moves the file or directory at the specified URL to a new location synchronously.