Instance Method


Returns the path of the item pointed to by a symbolic link.


func destinationOfSymbolicLink(atPath path: String) throws -> String



The path of a file or directory.

Return Value

An NSString object containing the path of the directory or file to which the symbolic link path refers. If the symbolic link is specified as a relative path, that relative path is returned.


See Also

Creating Symbolic and Hard Links

func createSymbolicLink(at: URL, withDestinationURL: URL)

Creates a symbolic link at the specified URL that points to an item at the given URL.

func createSymbolicLink(atPath: String, withDestinationPath: String)

Creates a symbolic link that points to the specified destination.

func linkItem(at: URL, to: URL)

Creates a hard link between the items at the specified URLs.

func linkItem(atPath: String, toPath: String)

Creates a hard link between the items at the specified paths.

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