These constants specify the location of a variety of directories by the urls(for:in:) and url(for:in:appropriateFor:create:) FileManager methods.



case applicationDirectory

Supported applications (/Applications).

case demoApplicationDirectory

Unsupported applications and demonstration versions.

case developerApplicationDirectory

Developer applications (/Developer/Applications).

case adminApplicationDirectory

System and network administration applications.

case libraryDirectory

Various user-visible documentation, support, and configuration files (/Library).

case developerDirectory

Developer resources (/Developer).

case userDirectory

User home directories (/Users).

case documentDirectory

Document directory.

case coreServiceDirectory

Location of core services (System/Library/CoreServices).

case autosavedInformationDirectory

Location of user’s autosaved documents Library/Autosave Information

case desktopDirectory

Location of user’s desktop directory.

case cachesDirectory

Location of discardable cache files (Library/Caches).

case applicationSupportDirectory

Location of application support files (Library/Application Support).

case downloadsDirectory

Location of the user’s downloads directory.

case inputMethodsDirectory

Location of Input Methods (Library/Input Methods)

case moviesDirectory

Location of user's Movies directory (~/Movies)

case musicDirectory

Location of user's Music directory (~/Music)

case picturesDirectory

Location of user's Pictures directory (~/Pictures)

case printerDescriptionDirectory

Location of system's PPDs directory (Library/Printers/PPDs)

case sharedPublicDirectory

Location of user's Public sharing directory (~/Public)

case preferencePanesDirectory

Location of the PreferencePanes directory for use with System Preferences (Library/PreferencePanes)

case applicationScriptsDirectory

Location of the user scripts folder for the calling application (~/Library/Application Scripts/<code-signing-id>

case itemReplacementDirectory

Passed to the FileManager method url(for:in:appropriateFor:create:) in order to create a temporary directory.

case allApplicationsDirectory

All directories where applications can occur.

case allLibrariesDirectory

All directories where resources can occur.

case trashDirectory

Location of the trash directory.