A representation of an HTTP cookie.


class HTTPCookie : NSObject


An HTTPCookie object is immutable, initialized from a dictionary containing the attributes of the cookie. This class supports two different cookie versions:

  • Version 0: The original cookie format defined by Netscape.Most cookies are in this format.

  • Version 1: The cookie format defined in RFC 6265, HTTP State Management Mechanism.


Creating Cookies

class func cookies(withResponseHeaderFields: [String : String], for: URL) -> [HTTPCookie]

Creates an array HTTP cookies corresponding to the provided response header fields for the provided URL.

init?(properties: [HTTPCookiePropertyKey : Any])

Creates an HTTP cookie instance with the given cookie properties.

Converting Cookies to Request Headers

class func requestHeaderFields(with: [HTTPCookie]) -> [String : String]

Converts an array of cookies to a dictionary of header fields.

Getting Cookie Host Properties

var domain: String

The domain of the cookie.

var path: String

The cookie’s path.

var portList: [NSNumber]?

The cookie’s port list.

Getting Cookie Metadata

var name: String

The cookie’s name.

var value: String

The cookie‘s string value.

var version: Int

The cookie’s version.

Determining Cookie Lifespan

var expiresDate: Date?

The cookie’s expiration date.

var isSessionOnly: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cookie should be discarded at the end of the session (regardless of expiration date).

Securing Cookies

var isHTTPOnly: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the cookie should only be sent to HTTP servers.

var isSecure: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether this cookie should only be sent over secure channels.

Accessing Cookie Properties as Key-Value Pairs

struct HTTPCookiePropertyKey

Constants that define the supported keys in a cookie attributes dictionary.

Getting User-Readable Cookie Metadata

var comment: String?

The cookie’s comment string.

var commentURL: URL?

The cookie’s comment URL.

Accepting Cookies

enum HTTPCookie.AcceptPolicy

Cookie acceptance policies implemented by the HTTPCookieStorage class.


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class HTTPCookieStorage

A container that manages the storage of cookies.