Instance Method


Stores an array of cookies in the cookie storage, on behalf of the provided task, if the cookie accept policy permits.


func storeCookies(_ cookies: [HTTPCookie], for task: URLSessionTask)



The cookies to add.


The task that handles the response. Override this method and inspect this parameter if you need to alter your cookie storage strategy based on properties of the task.

See Also

Adding and Removing Cookies

func removeCookies(since: Date)

Removes cookies that were stored after a given date.

func deleteCookie(HTTPCookie)

Deletes the specified cookie from the cookie storage.

func setCookie(HTTPCookie)

Stores a specified cookie in the cookie storage if the cookie accept policy permits.

func setCookies([HTTPCookie], for: URL?, mainDocumentURL: URL?)

Adds an array of cookies to the cookie storage if the storage’s cookie acceptance policy permits.

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