Creates a set containing the elements of the given array literal.


init(arrayLiteral: Int...)



A list of elements of the new set.


Do not call this initializer directly. It is used by the compiler when you use an array literal. Instead, create a new set using an array literal as its value by enclosing a comma-separated list of values in square brackets. You can use an array literal anywhere a set is expected by the type context.

Here, a set of strings is created from an array literal holding only strings:

let ingredients: Set = ["cocoa beans", "sugar", "cocoa butter", "salt"]
if ingredients.isSuperset(of: ["sugar", "salt"]) {
    print("Whatever it is, it's bound to be delicious!")
// Prints "Whatever it is, it's bound to be delicious!"

See Also

Creating an Index Set


Initializes an empty index set.

init(integer: IndexSet.Element)

Initializes an index set with a single integer.

init(integersIn: Range<IndexSet.Element>)

Initializes an index set with a range of integers.