Type Method


Returns an NSData object representing a TXT record formed from a given dictionary.


class func data(fromTXTRecord txtDictionary: [String : Data]) -> Data



A dictionary containing a TXT record.

Return Value

An NSData object representing TXT data formed from txtDictionary. Fails an assertion if txtDictionary cannot be represented as an NSData object.

See Also

Configuring Network Services

class func dictionary(fromTXTRecord: Data) -> [String : Data]

Returns a dictionary representing a TXT record given as an NSData object.

var addresses: [Data]?

A read-only array containing NSData objects, each of which contains a socket address for the service.

var domain: String

A string containing the domain for this service.

var includesPeerToPeer: Bool

Specifies whether to also publish, resolve, or monitor this service over peer-to-peer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, if available. false by default.

func getInputStream(UnsafeMutablePointer<InputStream?>?, outputStream: UnsafeMutablePointer<OutputStream?>?) -> Bool

Creates a pair of input and output streams for the receiver and returns a Boolean value that indicates whether they were retrieved successfully.

var name: String

A string containing the name of this service.

var type: String

The type of the published service.

func txtRecordData() -> Data?

Returns the TXT record for the receiver.

func setTXTRecord(Data?) -> Bool

Sets the TXT record for the receiver, and returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the operation was successful.

var delegate: NetServiceDelegate?

The delegate for the receiver.