Instance Method


Attempts to advertise the receiver on the network, with the given options.


func publish(options: NetService.Options = [])



Options for the receiver. The supported options are described in NetService.Options.


This method returns immediately, with success or failure indicated by the callbacks to the delegate.

See Also

Using Network Services

func publish()

Attempts to advertise the receiver’s on the network.

func resolve()

Starts a resolve process for the service.

func resolve(withTimeout: TimeInterval)

Starts a resolve process of a finite duration for the service.

var port: Int

The port on which the service is listening for connections.

func startMonitoring()

Starts the monitoring of TXT-record updates for the receiver.

func stop()

Halts a currently running attempt to publish or resolve a service.

func stopMonitoring()

Stops the monitoring of TXT-record updates for the receiver.