Instance Method


Informs the delegate that an error occurred during resolution of a given service.


optional func netService(_ sender: NetService, didNotResolve errorDict: [String : NSNumber])



The service that did not resolve.


A dictionary containing information about the problem. The dictionary contains the keys errorCode and errorDomain.


Clients may try to resolve again upon receiving this error. For example, a DNS rotary may yield different IP addresses on different resolution requests. A common error condition is that no addresses were resolved during the timeout period specified in resolve(withTimeout:).

See Also

Using Network Services

func netServiceWillPublish(NetService)

Notifies the delegate that the network is ready to publish the service.

func netService(NetService, didNotPublish: [String : NSNumber])

Notifies the delegate that a service could not be published.

func netServiceDidPublish(NetService)

Notifies the delegate that a service was successfully published.

func netServiceWillResolve(NetService)

Notifies the delegate that the network is ready to resolve the service.

func netServiceDidResolveAddress(NetService)

Informs the delegate that the address for a given service was resolved.

func netService(NetService, didUpdateTXTRecord: Data)

Notifies the delegate that the TXT record for a given service has been updated.

func netServiceDidStop(NetService)

Informs the delegate that a publish() or resolve(withTimeout:) request was stopped.