Instance Method


Adds a notification to the notification queue with a specified posting style.


func enqueue(_ notification: Notification, postingStyle: NotificationQueue.PostingStyle)



The notification to add to the queue.


The posting style for the notification. The posting style indicates when the notification queue should post the notification to its notification center.


This is a convenience method for calling enqueue(_:postingStyle:coalesceMask:forModes:) with coalescing criteria that will coalesce only notifications that match both the notification’s name and object and the runloop mode default.

See Also

Managing Notifications

func enqueue(Notification, postingStyle: NotificationQueue.PostingStyle, coalesceMask: NotificationQueue.NotificationCoalescing, forModes: [RunLoop.Mode]?)

Adds a notification to the notification queue with a specified posting style, criteria for coalescing, and run loop mode.

func dequeueNotifications(matching: Notification, coalesceMask: Int)

Removes all notifications from the queue that match a provided notification using provided matching criteria.

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