Instance Method


Adds a descriptor, identified by a keyword, to the receiver.


func setDescriptor(_ descriptor: NSAppleEventDescriptor, forKeyword keyword: AEKeyword)



The descriptor to add to the receiver.


A keyword (a four-character code) that identifies the descriptor to add. If a descriptor with that keyword already exists in the receiver, it is replaced.


The receiver must be an Apple event or Apple event record. Currently provides no indication if an error occurs.

See Also

Working With Record Descriptors

func forKeyword(AEKeyword) -> NSAppleEventDescriptor?

Returns the receiver’s descriptor for the specified keyword.

func keywordForDescriptor(at: Int) -> AEKeyword

Returns the keyword for the descriptor at the specified (one-based) position in the receiver.

func remove(withKeyword: AEKeyword)

Removes the receiver’s descriptor identified by the specified keyword.