Instance Method


Returns the context-sensitive help for the specified key from the bundle's help file.


- (NSAttributedString *)contextHelpForKey:(NSHelpManagerContextHelpKey)key;



A key in your application's Help.plist file that identifies the context-sensitive help to return.

Return Value

The help string or nil if the application does not have a Help.plist file or the file does not contain an entry for the specified key.


When you build your application, you can merge multiple RTF-based help files together using the /usr/bin/compileHelp tool, which then packages your help file information into a property list named Help.plist. After placing this property-list file in your application bundle, you can use this method to extract context help information from it. To look up a particular entry, you specify the name of the original RTF help file in the key parameter of this method. For example, if your application project contains a help file named Copy.rtf, you would retrieve the text from this file by passing the value @"Copy.rtf" to the key parameter.

This method is declared in NSHelpManager.h.

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