Type Property


Identifier for the ordinal weekday unit.


static var weekdayOrdinal: NSCalendar.Unit { get }


The corresponding value is an NSInteger. Equal to kCFCalendarUnitWeekdayOrdinal. The weekday ordinal unit describes ordinal position within the month unit of the corresponding weekday unit. For example, in the Gregorian calendar a weekday ordinal unit of 2 for a weekday unit 3 indicates “the second Tuesday in the month”.

See Also

Specifying Weeks and Days

static var weekOfYear: NSCalendar.Unit

Identifier for the week of the year calendar unit.

static var weekOfMonth: NSCalendar.Unit

Identifier for the week of the month calendar unit.

static var weekday: NSCalendar.Unit

Identifier for the weekday unit.

static var day: NSCalendar.Unit

Identifier for the day unit.

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