Instance Property


An NSData object encoding the receiver in binary format.


@property(readonly, copy) NSData *bitmapRepresentation;


This format is suitable for saving to a file or otherwise transmitting or archiving.

A raw bitmap representation of a character set is a byte array with the first 2^16 bits (that is, 8192 bytes) representing the code point range of the the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), such that the value of the bit at position n

represents the presence in the character set of the character with decimal Unicode value n. A bitmap representation may contain zero to sixteen additional 8192 byte segments to for each additional Unicode plane containing a character in a character set, with each 8192 byte segment prepended with a single plane index byte.

For example, a character set containing only Basic Latin (ASCII) characters, which are contained by the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP, plane 0), has a bitmap representation with a size of 8192 bytes, whereas a character set containing both Basic Latin (ASCII) characters and emoji characters, which are contained by the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP, plane 1), has a bitmap representation with a size of 16385 bytes (8192 bytes for BMP, followed by the byte 0x01 for the plane index of SMP, followed by 8192 bytes for SMP).

To test for the presence of a character in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) with decimal Unicode value n

in a raw bitmap representation, you might do the following:
unsigned char bitmapRep[8192];
if (bitmapRep[n >> 3] & (((unsigned int)1) << (n  & 7))) {
    /* Character is present. */

See Also

Creating and Managing Character Sets as Bitmap Representations

+ characterSetWithBitmapRepresentation:

Returns a character set containing characters determined by a given bitmap representation.

+ characterSetWithContentsOfFile:

Returns a character set read from the bitmap representation stored in the file a given path.