Type Method


Returns a character set read from the bitmap representation stored in the file a given path.


+ (NSCharacterSet *)characterSetWithContentsOfFile:(NSString *)fName;



A path to a file containing a bitmap representation of a character set. The path name must end with the extension .bitmap.

Return Value

A character set read from the bitmap representation stored in the file at path.


This method doesn’t use filenames to check for the uniqueness of the character sets it creates. To prevent duplication of character sets in memory, cache them and make them available through an API that checks whether the requested set has already been loaded.

To read a bitmap representation from any file, use the NSData methoddataWithContentsOfFile:options:error: and pass the result to characterSetWithBitmapRepresentation:.

See Also

Creating and Managing Character Sets as Bitmap Representations

+ characterSetWithBitmapRepresentation:

Returns a character set containing characters determined by a given bitmap representation.


An NSData object encoding the receiver in binary format.

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