Defines the type of comparison for NSComparisonPredicate.


enum Operator : UInt



case lessThan

A less-than predicate.

case lessThanOrEqualTo

A less-than-or-equal-to predicate.

case greaterThan

A greater-than predicate.

case greaterThanOrEqualTo

A greater-than-or-equal-to predicate.

case equalTo

An equal-to predicate.

case notEqualTo

A not-equal-to predicate.

case matches

A full regular expression matching predicate.

case like

A simple subset of the MATCHES predicate, similar in behavior to SQL LIKE.

case beginsWith

A begins-with predicate.

case endsWith

An ends-with predicate.

case `in`

A predicate to determine if the left hand side is in the right hand side.

case customSelector

A predicate that uses a custom selector that takes a single argument and returns a BOOL value.

case contains

A predicate to determine if the left hand side contains the right hand side.

case between

A predicate to determine if the left hand side lies at or between bounds specified by the right hand side.

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