A specialized predicate that evaluates logical combinations of other predicates.


class NSCompoundPredicate : NSPredicate


Use NSCompoundPredicate to create an AND or OR compound predicate of zero or more other predicates, or the NOT of a single predicate. For the logical AND and OR operations:

  • An AND predicate with no subpredicates evaluates to true.

  • An OR predicate with no subpredicates evaluates to false.

  • A compound predicate with one or more subpredicates evaluates to the truth of its subpredicates.



init(andPredicateWithSubpredicates: [NSPredicate])

Returns a new predicate formed by AND-ing the predicates in a given array.

init(notPredicateWithSubpredicate: NSPredicate)

Returns a new predicate formed by NOT-ing a given predicate.

init(orPredicateWithSubpredicates: [NSPredicate])

Returns a new predicate formed by OR-ing the predicates in a given array.

init(type: NSCompoundPredicate.LogicalType, subpredicates: [NSPredicate])

Returns the receiver initialized to a given type using predicates from a given array.

Getting Information About a Compound Predicate

var subpredicates: [Any]

The receiver’s subpredicates.


enum NSCompoundPredicate.LogicalType

These constants describe the possible types of NSCompoundPredicate.


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Conforms To

See Also


class NSPredicate

A definition of logical conditions used to constrain a search either for a fetch or for in-memory filtering.

class NSExpression

An expression for use in a comparison predicate.

class NSComparisonPredicate

A specialized predicate that you use to compare expressions.

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