Instance Property


The ordinal number of weekdays.


var weekdayOrdinal: Int { get set }


Weekday ordinal units represent the position of the weekday within the next larger calendar unit, such as the month. For example, 2 is the weekday ordinal unit for the second Friday of the month.

This value is interpreted in the context of the calendar with which it is used—see Calendars, Date Components, and Calendar Units in Date and Time Programming Guide.

See Also

Accessing Weeks and Days

var weekday: Int

The number of the weekdays.

var weekOfMonth: Int

The week number of the months.

var weekOfYear: Int

The ISO 8601 week date of the year.

var day: Int

The number of days.

func week() -> Int

Returns the number of weeks.

func setWeek(Int)

Sets the number of weeks.