Instance Property


The template for formatting one date and time value.


@property(copy) NSString *dateTemplate;


Use this string to specify a custom fixed format for each of the date and time values. The string you specify is based on the Unicode Technical Standard #35, which uses characters to represent the day, time, year, hour, minute, and other pieces of date or time information.

If you do not assign a value to this string, the formatter object automatically updates the string based on the values in the dateStyle and timeStyle properties.

For information about how to define a custom formatting string, see Date Formatters in Data Formatting Guide.

See Also

Configuring the Formatter Options


The style to use when formatting day, month, and year information.


The style to use when formatting hour, minute, and second information.


The calendar to use for date values.


The locale to use when formatting date and time values.


The time zone with which to specify time values.