Instance Property


The arguments for the expression.


var arguments: [NSExpression]? { get }


An expression’s arguments is the array of expressions that will be passed as parameters during invocation of the selector on the operand of a function expression.

Accessing this property raises an exception if it is not applicable to the expression.

See Also

Getting Information About an Expression

var collection: Any

The collection of expressions in an aggregate expression, or the collection element of a subquery expression.

var constantValue: Any?

The constant value of the expression.

var expressionType: NSExpression.ExpressionType

The expression type for the expression.

var function: String

The function for the expression.

var keyPath: String

The key path for the expression.

var operand: NSExpression

The operand for the expression.

var predicate: NSPredicate

The predicate of a subquery expression.

var left: NSExpression

The left expression of an aggregate expression.

var right: NSExpression

The right expression of an aggregate expression.

var variable: String

The variable for the expression.

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