Instance Property


The operand for the expression.


@NSCopying var operand: NSExpression { get }


The operand for an expression is the object on which the expression’s selector or block will be invoked. The object is the result of evaluating a key path or one of the defined functions. Accessing this property raises an exception if it is not applicable to the expression.

See Also

Getting Information About an Expression

var arguments: [NSExpression]?

The arguments for the expression.

var collection: Any

The collection of expressions in an aggregate expression, or the collection element of a subquery expression.

var constantValue: Any?

The constant value of the expression.

var expressionType: NSExpression.ExpressionType

The expression type for the expression.

var function: String

The function for the expression.

var keyPath: String

The key path for the expression.

var predicate: NSPredicate

The predicate of a subquery expression.

var left: NSExpression

The left expression of an aggregate expression.

var right: NSExpression

The right expression of an aggregate expression.

var variable: String

The variable for the expression.