An immutable collection of values representing different aspects of an item for an extension to act upon.


class NSExtensionItem : NSObject


Identifying the Item

var attributedTitle: NSAttributedString?

An optional title for the item.

var userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]?

An optional dictionary of keys and values corresponding to the extension item’s properties.

Item Contents

var attachments: [NSItemProvider]?

An optional array of media data associated with the extension item.

var attributedContentText: NSAttributedString?

An optional string describing the extension item content.


Property Keys

These keys correspond to the extension item properties and are specified in the extension's Info.plist.

UTI Subtypes for Data Detector Types

These constants represent sub-Uniform Type Identifier of, which conforms to public.plain-text. Use these constants to specify the type of data your extension works with.


Inherits From

See Also


class NSItemProvider

An item provider for conveying data or a file between processes during drag and drop or copy/paste activities, or from a host app to an app extension.

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