The details of a coordinated-read or coordinated-write operation.


class NSFileAccessIntent : NSObject


Use this class when performing asynchronous operations with a file coordinator using the coordinator’s coordinate(with:queue:byAccessor:) method.


Creating a File Access Intent

class func readingIntent(with: URL, options: NSFileCoordinator.ReadingOptions) -> Self

Returns a file access intent object for reading the given URL with the provided options.

class func writingIntent(with: URL, options: NSFileCoordinator.WritingOptions) -> Self

Returns a file access intent object for writing to the given URL with the provided options.

Accessing the Current URL

var url: URL

The current URL for the item managed by the file access intent instance. (read-only)


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Shared Files

protocol NSFilePresenter

The interface a file coordinator uses to inform an object presenting a file about changes to that file made elsewhere in the system.

class NSFileCoordinator

An object that coordinates the reading and writing of files and directories among file presenters.

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