Instance Method


Notifies relevant file presenters that the location of a file or directory changed.


func item(at oldURL: URL, didMoveTo newURL: URL)



The old location of the file or directory.


The new location of the file or directory.


If you move or rename a file or directory as part of a write operation, call this method to notify relevant file presenters that the change occurred. This method calls the presentedItemDidMove(to:) method for any of the item’s file presenters. If the item is a directory, this method calls presentedItemDidMove(to:) on the file presenters for the item’s contents. Finally, it calls presentedSubitem(at:didMoveTo:) on the file presenter of any directory containing the item.

You must call this method from a coordinated write block. Calling this method with the same URL in the oldURL and newURL parameters is harmless. This call must balance a call to item(at:willMoveTo:).

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