Instance Method


Initiates a read operation that contains a follow-up write operation.


func coordinate(readingItemAt readingURL: URL, options readingOptions: NSFileCoordinator.ReadingOptions = [], writingItemAt writingURL: URL, options writingOptions: NSFileCoordinator.WritingOptions = [], error outError: NSErrorPointer, byAccessor readerWriter: (URL, URL) -> Void)



A URL identifying the file or directory to read. If other objects or processes are acting on the item at the URL, the actual URL passed to the block in the readerWriter parameter may be different than the one in this parameter.


One of the reading options described in NSFileCoordinator.ReadingOptions. If you pass 0 for this parameter, the savePresentedItemChanges(completionHandler:) method of relevant file presenters is called before your block executes.


A URL identifying the file or directory to write. If other objects or processes are acting on the item at the URL, the actual URL passed to the block in the readerWriter parameter may be different than the one in this parameter.


One of the writing options described in NSFileCoordinator.WritingOptions. The options you specify partially determine how file presenters are notified and how this file coordinator object waits to execute your block.


On input, a pointer to a pointer for an error object. If a file presenter encounters an error while preparing for this operation, that error is returned in this parameter and the block in the readerWriter parameter is not executed. If you cancel this operation before the readerWriter block is executed, this parameter contains an error object on output.


A Block object containing the read and write operations you want to perform in a coordinated manner. This block receives NSURL objects containing the URLs of the items to read and write and returns no value. Always use the URLs passed into the block instead of the values in the readingURL and writingURL parameters.


When invoking these methods, declare a __block variable before the accessor block and initialize it to a value that signals failure, and then inside the accessor block set it to a value that indicates success. If the coordinated operation fails, then the accessor block never runs. The sentinel variable still holds a value that indicates failure, and the NSError out parameter contains a reference that describes the error.

You use this method to perform a read operation that might also contain a write operation that needs to be coordinated. This method executes synchronously, blocking the current thread until the readerWriter block finishes executing. When performing the write operation, you may call the coordinate(writingItemAt:options:error:byAccessor:) method from your readerWriter block. This method does the canonical lock ordering that is required to prevent a potential deadlock of the file operations.

This method makes the same calls to file presenters, and has the same general wait behavior, as the coordinate(readingItemAt:options:error:byAccessor:) method.

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