Instance Method


Tells the delegate that the contents or attributes of the specified item changed.


optional func presentedSubitemDidChange(at url: URL)



The URL of the item in the presented directory that changed. The item need not be at the top level of the presented directory but may itself be inside a nested subdirectory.


This method is relevant for applications that present directories. This might occur if the delegate manages the contents of a directory or manages a file that is implemented as a file package. Your implementation of this method should take whatever actions necessary to handle the change in content or attributes of the specified item.

If the presented directory is a file package, the system calls the presentedItemDidChange() method if your delegate does not implement this method.

See Also

Handling Changes to a Presented Directory

func accommodatePresentedSubitemDeletion(at: URL, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Tells the delegate that some entity wants to delete an item that is inside of a presented directory.

func presentedSubitemDidAppear(at: URL)

Tells the delegate that an item was added to the presented directory.

func presentedSubitem(at: URL, didMoveTo: URL)

Tells the delegate that an item in the presented directory moved to a new location.