Instance Method


Tells your object to save any unsaved changes for the presented item.


- (void)savePresentedItemChangesWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *errorOrNil))completionHandler;



The Block object to call after you save your changes. If you saved your changes successfully, pass nil for the block’s errorOrNil parameter; otherwise, pass an error object indicating why the changes could not be saved.


The file coordinator calls this method to ensure that all objects trying to access the file or directory see the same contents. Implement this method if your object can change the presented item in a way that requires you to write those changes back to disk. If your presenter object does not make changes that need to be saved, you do not need to implement this method.

See Also

Handling Changes to Files

- accommodatePresentedItemDeletionWithCompletionHandler:

Tells your object that its presented item is about to be deleted.

- presentedItemDidMoveToURL:

Tells your object that the presented item moved or was renamed.

- presentedItemDidChange

Tells your object that the presented item’s contents or attributes changed.