Instance Property


The identifier for this version of the file.


var persistentIdentifier: NSCoding { get }


You can save the value of this property persistently and use it to recreate the version object later. When recreating the version object using the version(itemAt:forPersistentIdentifier:) method, the version object returned is equivalent to the current object.

See Also

Accessing the Version Information

var url: URL

The URL identifying the location of the file associated with the file version object.

var localizedName: String?

The string containing the user-presentable name of the file version.

var localizedNameOfSavingComputer: String?

The user-presentable name of the computer on which the revision was saved.

var modificationDate: Date?

The modification date of the version.

var isDiscardable: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether the system can delete the associated file at some future time.