Instance Property


A Boolean value that specifies whether the system can delete the associated file at some future time.


@property(getter=isDiscardable) BOOL discardable;


Marking a file version as discardable gives the system the flexibility to reclaim the space, occupied by the associated file, at some future time. Do not, however, depend on the file being discarded.

After setting this property to YES, do not set this property to NO again. Doing so causes the system to raise an exception. In addition, if you set this property to YES for the version of the file returned by the currentVersionOfItemAtURL: method, the system raises an exception.

See Also

Accessing the Version Information


The URL identifying the location of the file associated with the file version object.


The string containing the user-presentable name of the file version.


The user-presentable name of the computer on which the revision was saved.


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