Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates the version object is not in conflict (YES) or is in conflict (NO).


@property(getter=isResolved) BOOL resolved;


When the system detects a conflict involving versions of a file, it sets this property to NO to indicate an unresolved conflict. After you resolve the conflict, set this property to YES to tell the system it is resolved; you must then remove any versions of the file that are no longer useful.

To remove an unused version of a file, call the removeAndReturnError: method. To remove all unused versions of a file, call the removeOtherVersionsOfItemAtURL:error: method.

Resolving a conflict causes the file version object to be removed from any reports about conflicting versions, such as those returned by the unresolvedConflictVersionsOfItemAtURL: method.

See Also

Handling Version Conflicts


A Boolean value indicating whether the contents of the version are in conflict with the contents of another version.

+ unresolvedConflictVersionsOfItemAtURL:

Returns an array of version objects that are currently in conflict for the specified URL.