Instance Property


The URL identifying the location of the file associated with the file version object.


var url: URL { get }


The URL identifies the location of the file associated with this version. If this version of the file has been deleted, the value in this property is nil.

Do not display any part of this URL to the user. The location of file versions is managed by the system and should not be exposed to the user. If you want to present the name of a file version, use the localizedName property.

See Also

Accessing the Version Information

var localizedName: String?

The string containing the user-presentable name of the file version.

var localizedNameOfSavingComputer: String?

The user-presentable name of the computer on which the revision was saved.

var modificationDate: Date?

The modification date of the version.

var persistentIdentifier: NSCoding

The identifier for this version of the file.

var isDiscardable: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether the system can delete the associated file at some future time.