Instance Method


Updates the file wrapper to match a given file-system node.


- (BOOL)updateFromPath:(NSString *)path;

Return Value

YES if the update is carried out, NO if it isn’t needed.


For a directory file wrapper, the contained file wrappers are also sent updateFromPath: messages. If nodes in the corresponding directory on the file system have been added or removed, corresponding file wrappers are released or created as needed.

Special Considerations

Beginning with OS X v10.6, the preferred method of referring to files is with a file:// URL. Therefore, this method has been deprecated in favor of readFromURL:options:error:.

See Also

Updating File Wrappers

- needsToBeUpdatedFromPath:

Indicates whether the file wrapper needs to be updated to match a given file-system node.

- matchesContentsOfURL:

Indicates whether the contents of a file wrapper matches a directory, regular file, or symbolic link on disk.

- readFromURL:options:error:

Recursively rereads the entire contents of a file wrapper from the specified location on disk.