Instance Method


Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the hash table contains a given object.


func contains(_ anObject: ObjectType?) -> Bool



The object to test for membership in the hash table.

Return Value

true if the hash table contains anObject, otherwise false.


The equality test used depends on the personality option selected. For instance, choosing the objectPersonality option will use isEqual: to determine equality. See NSPointerFunctions.Options for more information on personality options and their corresponding equality tests.

See Also

Accessing Content

var anyObject: ObjectType?

One of the objects in the hash table.

var allObjects: [ObjectType]

The hash table’s members.

var setRepresentation: Set<AnyHashable>

A set that contains the hash table’s members.

var count: Int

The number of elements in the hash table.

func member(ObjectType?) -> ObjectType?

Determines whether the hash table contains a given object, and returns that object if it is present

func objectEnumerator() -> NSEnumerator

Returns an enumerator object that lets you access each object in the hash table.