Instance Method


Initializes an HTTP cookie object with the given cookie properties.


- (instancetype)initWithProperties:(NSDictionary<NSHTTPCookiePropertyKey, id> *)properties;



The properties for the new cookie object, expressed as key-value pairs.

Return Value

A new cookie object, with the given properies.


This initializer returns nil if the provided properties are invalid. To successfully create a cookie, you must provide values for (at least) the NSHTTPCookiePath, NSHTTPCookieName, and NSHTTPCookieValue keys, and either the NSHTTPCookieOriginURL key or the NSHTTPCookieDomain key.

See Accepting Cookies for more information on the available cookie attribute constants and the constraints imposed on the values in the dictionary.

See Also

Creating Cookies

+ cookiesWithResponseHeaderFields:forURL:

Creates an array HTTP cookies corresponding to the provided response header fields for the provided URL.

+ cookieWithProperties:

Creates and initializes an HTTP cookie object using the provided properties.

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