Instance Method


Returns all the cookie storage’s cookies that are sent to a specified URL.


- (NSArray<NSHTTPCookie *> *)cookiesForURL:(NSURL *)URL;



The URL to filter on.

Return Value

An array of cookies whose URL matches the provided URL.


You can use the requestHeaderFieldsWithCookies: method of NSHTTPCookie to turn the array returned by this method into a set of header fields to add to an NSMutableURLRequest object.

If you override this method, also override getCookiesForTask:completionHandler:.

See Also

Retrieving Cookies


The cookie storage’s cookies.

- getCookiesForTask:completionHandler:

Fetches cookies relevant to the specified task and passes them to the completion handler.

- sortedCookiesUsingDescriptors:

Returns all of the cookie storage’s cookies, sorted according to a given set of sort descriptors.

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