Instance Method


Copies the indexes stored in the index path from the positions specified by the position range into the specified indexes.


func getIndexes(_ indexes: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>, range positionRange: NSRange)



Pointer to a C array of at least as many NSUInteger objects as specified by the length of positionRange. On return, the array holds the index path's indexes.


A range of valid positions within the index path. If the location plus the length of positionRange is greater than the length of the index path, this method raises an rangeException.


You must allocate the memory for the C array.

See Also

Working with Indexes

func index(atPosition: Int) -> Int

Provides the value at a particular node in the index path.

func getIndexes(UnsafeMutablePointer<Int>)

Copies the objects contained in the index path into indexes.


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