Instance Method


Loads the preview image for the item that is represented by the item provider.


- (void)loadPreviewImageWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)options completionHandler:(NSItemProviderCompletionHandler)completionHandler;



A dictionary of keys and values that provide information about the item, such as the size of an image. For a list of possible keys, see Options Dictionary Key.


A completion handler block to execute with the results. The first parameter of this block must be a parameter of type NSData, NSURL, UIImage (in iOS), or NSImage (in macOS) for receiving the image data. For more information about implementing the block, see NSItemProviderCompletionHandler.


To handle image preview yourself, provide a completion handler block that returns an NSData or NSURL object, or an instance of a platform-specific image class (UIImage or NSImage).

This method supports implicit type coercion for the item parameter of the completion block.

See Also

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