Instance Method


Initializes an item provider with an object, according to the NSItemProvider type coercion policy.


- (instancetype)initWithItem:(id<NSSecureCoding>)item typeIdentifier:(NSString *)typeIdentifier;



An object containing the data you want to provide. You may specify nil for this parameter and register items and types later.


A string that represents the UTI of the item. If item is not nil, this parameter must not be nil.

Return Value

An item provider for the specified item.


Use this method to initialize an item provider for objects in your app. The item provider registers your object with the specified type. Subsequent requests for that same type return the specified item.

See Also

Initializing an Item Provider

- initWithContentsOfURL:

Provides data backed by the contents of an existing file. The system uses the URL’s filename extension to select an appropriate UTI.

- init

Instantiates an empty item provider to which you can later register a data or file representation.

- initWithObject:

Initializes a new item provider, employing a specified object’s type identifiers to specify the data representations eligible to be loaded by the provider.