The protocol you implement on a class to allow an item provider to create an instance of the class.


protocol NSItemProviderReading


A destination app uses an object that conforms to this protocol to consume pasted or dropped items.


Creating an Object from a Pasted or Dropped Item

static func object(withItemProviderData: Data, typeIdentifier: String) -> Self

Creates a new instance of a class using the given data and UTI string.


Getting the Readable Type Identifiers

static var readableTypeIdentifiersForItemProvider: [String]

An array of UTI strings representing the data types supported by the class.


See Also

Item Providers

Data Delivery with Drag and Drop

Share data between iPad apps during a drag and drop operation using an item provider.

class NSItemProvider

An item provider for conveying data or a file between processes during drag and drop or copy/paste activities, or from a host app to an app extension.

protocol NSItemProviderWriting

The protocol you implement on a class to allow an item provider to retrieve data from an instance of the class.

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