Type Method


Returns a Foundation object from given JSON data.


+ (id)JSONObjectWithData:(NSData *)data options:(NSJSONReadingOptions)opt error:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;



A data object containing JSON data.


Options for reading the JSON data and creating the Foundation objects.

For possible values, see NSJSONReadingOptions.


If an error occurs, upon return contains an NSError object with code NSPropertyListReadCorruptError that describes the problem.

Return Value

A Foundation object from the JSON data in data, or nil if an error occurs.


The data must be in one of the 5 supported encodings listed in the JSON specification: UTF-8, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE, UTF-32BE. The data may or may not have a BOM. The most efficient encoding to use for parsing is UTF-8, so if you have a choice in encoding the data passed to this method, use UTF-8.

See Also

Creating a JSON Object

+ JSONObjectWithStream:options:error:

Returns a Foundation object from JSON data in a given stream.