Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether the resulting string represents a person’s height.


@property(getter=isForPersonHeightUse) BOOL forPersonHeightUse;


Returns YES if the value passed to stringFromMeters: or unitStringFromMeters:usedUnit: is a person's height; otherwise, NO. By default, this property returns NO.

The length formatter uses this property when determining the best unit for a given locale (for example, in the stringFromMeters: method).

See Also

Formatting Length Strings

- getObjectValue:forString:errorDescription:

This method is not supported for the NSLengthFormatter class.


The number formatter used to format the numbers in length strings.

- stringFromMeters:

Returns a length string for the provided value.

- stringFromValue:unit:

Returns a properly formatted length string for the given value and unit.

- unitStringFromMeters:usedUnit:

Returns the unit string for the provided value.

- unitStringFromValue:unit:

Returns the unit string based on the provided value and unit.


The unit style used by this formatter.