Type Property


Classifies tokens according to their broad type: word, punctuation, or whitespace.


static let tokenType: NSLinguisticTagScheme


For possible values, see Token Types.

To classify tokens by a more specific type, for example, distinguishing words between nouns and verbs, use the lexicalClass scheme.

See Also


static let lexicalClass: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Classifies tokens according to class: part of speech, type of punctuation, or whitespace.

static let nameType: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Classifies tokens according to whether they are part of a named entity.

static let nameTypeOrLexicalClass: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Classifies tokens corresponding to names according to nameType, and classifies all other tokens according to lexicalClass.

static let lemma: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Supplies a stem form of a word token, if known.

static let language: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Supplies the language for a token, if one can be determined.

static let script: NSLinguisticTagScheme

Supplies the script for a token, if one can be determined.

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