Type Method


Returns a locale identifier from the components specified in a given dictionary.


class func localeIdentifier(fromComponents dict: [String : String]) -> String



A dictionary containing components that specify a locale. For possible values, see NSLocale Component Keys.

Return Value

A locale identifier created from the components specified in dict.


This reverses the actions of components(fromLocaleIdentifier:), so for example the dictionary {NSLocaleLanguageCode="en", NSLocaleCountryCode="US", NSLocaleCalendar=NSJapaneseCalendar} becomes "en_US@calendar=japanese".

See Also

Converting Between Identifiers

class func canonicalLocaleIdentifier(from: String) -> String

Returns the canonical identifier for a given locale identification string.

class func components(fromLocaleIdentifier: String) -> [String : String]

Returns a dictionary that is the result of parsing a locale ID.

class func canonicalLanguageIdentifier(from: String) -> String

Returns a canonical language identifier by mapping an arbitrary locale identification string to the canonical identifier.

class func localeIdentifier(fromWindowsLocaleCode: UInt32) -> String?

Returns a locale identifier from a Windows locale code.

class func windowsLocaleCode(fromLocaleIdentifier: String) -> UInt32

Returns a Window locale code from the locale identifier.

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