Type Property


The list of known language codes.


@property(class, readonly, copy) NSArray<NSString *> *ISOLanguageCodes;


A language code is a short string that represent a particular language. All languages have a three-character ISO 639-2 string, while some languages also have a two-character ISO 630-1 string. See ISO 639.2 Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages for the complete list of standardized language codes.

The array provided by this property contains a list of codes for all the languages the system knows about, designated by the ISO 639-1 code if available, or the ISO 639-2 code if not. Use the method localizedStringForLanguageCode: to obtain a human readable string for any of the codes in the list.

For more information about language localization in your app, see Language and Locale IDs.

Not all language codes have supporting locale data in the system.

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