Returns a localized version of a string from the specified table in the given bundle.


#define NSLocalizedStringFromTableInBundle(key, tbl, bundle, comment)



The key for a string in the specified table.


The name of the table containing the key-value pairs. Also, the suffix for the strings file (a file with the .strings extension) to store the localized string.


The bundle containing the strings file.


The comment to place above the key-value pair in the strings file.

Return Value

The result of sending localizedStringForKey:value:table: to bundle, passing the specified key and tableName where the value parameter is nil.


Use this macro to generate a strings files named [tableName].strings located in bundle from your code using the genstrings utility. You can specify Unicode characters in key using \\Uxxxx—see the -u option for for the genstrings utility. The initial value for key in the strings file will be key. Use the NSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue macro to specify another value for key.

As of OS X 10.11 and iOS 9, NSBundle is thread-safe. As such, NSLocalizedStringFromTableInBundle can safely be called from any execution context.

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Returns a localized version of a string from the specified table.


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