Instance Method


Attempts to start the query.


- (BOOL)startQuery;

Return Value

YES when successful; otherwise, NO.

A query may fail to start if it does not specify a predicate, or if the query has already been started.


A query can’t be started if the receiver is already running a query or no predicate has been specified.

This method must be called from the receiver’s operationQueue or on the main thread. For example:

NSMetadataQuery *query = // Initialize and set up a query
[query.operationQueue addOperationWithBlock:^{
    [query startQuery];

See Also

Running Queries


A Boolean value that indicates whether the query has started. (read-only)


A Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver is in the initial gathering phase of the query. (read-only)


A Boolean value that indicates whether the query has stopped.

- stopQuery

Stops the receiver’s current query from gathering any further results.

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