Instance Property


An array of objects that define the query’s scope.


var searchItems: [Any]? { get set }


Use this method to scope the metadata query to a collection of existing URLs and/or metadata items. This array contains the NSURL and/or NSMetadataItem items to be searched.

See Also

Configuring Queries

var searchScopes: [Any]

An array containing the search scopes.

var predicate: NSPredicate?

The predicate used to filter query results.

var sortDescriptors: [NSSortDescriptor]

An array of sort descriptor objects.

var valueListAttributes: [String]

An array of attributes whose values are gathered by the query.

var groupingAttributes: [String]?

An array of grouping attributes. (read-only)

var notificationBatchingInterval: TimeInterval

The interval at which notification of updated results occurs.