Instance Method


Enables updates to the query results.


- (void)enableUpdates;


Unless you use enumerateResultsUsingBlock: or enumerateResultsWithOptions:usingBlock:, you should invoke this method after you’re done iterating over the query results.

See Also

Getting Query Results


An array containing the query’s results.


The number of results returned by the query. (read-only)

- resultAtIndex:

Returns the query result at a specific index.

- indexOfResult:

Returns the index of a query result object in the receiver’s results array.


An array containing hierarchical groups of query results. (read-only)


The NSMetadataQueryResultGroup class represents a collection of grouped attribute results returned by an NSMetadataQuery object.

- enumerateResultsUsingBlock:

Enumerates the current set of results using the given block.

- enumerateResultsWithOptions:usingBlock:

Enumerates the current set of results using the given options and block.


A dictionary containing the value lists generated by the query.


The NSMetadataQueryAttributeValueTuple class represents attribute-value tuples, which are objects that contain the attribute name and value of a metadata attribute.

- valueOfAttribute:forResultAtIndex:

Returns the value for the attribute name attrName at the index in the results specified by idx.

- disableUpdates

Disables updates to the query results.


The queue on which query result notifications are posted.

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